Wild Juju was born from necessity. After years of working with resins and toxic solders, I chose to change my entire arts practice and make it as environmentally harmless as possible. I stopped using soldering chemicals, traded resins for woods and natural dyes and began recycling all my scrap silver at home.  I believe in using methods that don't harm the environment or the maker.  I make items that are:


Salvaged, Foraged, Local, Recycled, Handmade, Non Toxic, Compostable, Comfortable, Durable & Long Lasting

Sometimes I use non-natural dyes because I already have them left over from design school. Using what you already have is the best way to save on waste. No more disposable economy. Let's strive for a closed-loop system of production where everything can either be reused or put back into nature where it came from.


My name is Juju Haifawi, I'm a contemporary jeweller and community artist living on the Fleurieu Peninsula in Adelaide, South Australia. I work from a home studio and hand craft every piece with much consideration for the planet.


I have made the choice to go as green as humanly possible. You can too.



My handcrafted wooden jewellery is made from salvaged and foraged woods, recycled silver and surgical steel. All products are made with the environment in mind- from sourcing local materials, to using compostable packaging and ensuring that processes are energy and water efficient. Everything is considered and I go to great lengths to maintain harmony with the natural world while making my designs.  


The finished wood jewellery pieces are polished with a homemade blend of bees wax and linseed oil to protect their lustre and keep them safe for the skin. I'm currently experimenting with natural dyes to develop a range of lightfast dye colours to replace the ink ones on my wood range. 



Designed to bridge a gap between tribal and contemporary design this range is comfortable, versatile and elegant, yet stays true to its tribal jewellery roots. I melt down scrap silver in my backyard, turn it into silver wire then file, sand and bend it into these spiralled forms. The smaller designs are extremely comfortable to wear (even to sleep in) while the larger designs make a beautiful statement piece. Definitely my best sellers.

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